Development and Evaluation of a Generic Group Communication Layer

Leandro SalesHenrique TeófiloNabor C. Mendonça

Generic group communication frameworks offer several benefitsto developers of clustered applications, including better software modularityand greater flexibility in selecting a particular group communicationsystem. However, current generic frameworks only support a very limitedset of group communication primitives, which has hampered their adoptionby many "real-world" clustered applications that require higher-level groupcommunication services, such as state transfer, distributed data structuresand replicated method invocation. This paper describes the design, implementationand initial evaluation of G2CL, a Generic Group CommunicationLayer that offers a set of commonly used high-level group communicationservices implemented on top of an existing generic framework.Compared to current group communication solutions, GCL offers two maincontributions: (i) its services can be configured to run over any group communicationsystem supported by the underlying generic framework; and (ii)it implements the same service API used by JGroups, a popular group communicationtoolkit, which may reduce its learning curve and make the taskof migrating to G2CL particularly attractive for JGroups users.

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