DÉGRADÉ: Usando Anotações para Aumentar a Qualidade de Downloads em Sistemas de Compartilhamento de Arquivos

Flávio Roberto SantosWeverton Luis da Costa CordeiroMarinho Pilla BarcellosLuciano Paschoal Gaspary

The user autonomy to publish contents in file sharing systems allowscontents to be published inaccurately/incorrectly, either due to diverse users'opinions (subjectivity), or due to malice. The lack of a proper mechanism to dealwith these issues leads to download of undesired contents, waste of resources(such as time and bandwidth), and decreased user satisfaction. To bridge thisgap, we propose a mechanism to regulate content dissemination based on users'perception. The proposed tag-based mechanism controls the dissemination ofpoorly, misdescribed content while it aids the dissemination of sufficiently andcorrectly characterized ones. Results obtained by means of simulation provideevidence about the efficacy and efficiency of the proposed mechanism.

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