Data center networking with in-packet Bloom filters

Christian Esteve RothenbergCarlos A. B. MacapunaFábio L. VerdiMaurício F. MagalhãesAndrás Zahemszky

This paper describes a networking approach for cloud data center architecturesbased on a novel use of in-packet Bloom filters to encode randomizednetwork paths. In order to meet the scalability, performance, cost and controlgoals of cloud infrastructures, innovation is called for at many areas of the datacenter environment, including the underlying switching topology and the packetforwarding paradigms. Motivated by the advent of high-radix, low-cost, commodityswitches coupled with a substrate of programmability, our proposal contributesto the body of work re-thinking how to interconnect racks of commodityPCs at large. In this work, we present the design principles and the OpenFlowbasedtestbed implementation of a data center architecture governed by RackManagers, which are responsible to transparently provide the networking andsupport functions to cost-efficiently operate the DC network. We evaluate theproposal in terms of state requirements, our claims of false-positive-free forwarding,and the load balancing capabilities.

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