Caracterização de tráfego SMTP na rede de origem

Luis Henrique D. CastilhoPedro Henrique B. Las CasasMateus D. DutraSaulo M. R. RicciHumberto T. Marques-NetoArtur ZivianiDorgival GuedesJussara M. AlmeidaVirgílio A. F. Almeida

The large traffic due to unwanted e-mail (spam) that crosses the Internetmay consume network resources that could be put to better uses otherwise.Understanding the characteristics of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)traffic in the Internet provider's network is a fundamental task to enable thedevelopment of mechanisms to block unwanted messages at their origin. Thispaper characterizes the SMTP traffic in an Internet provider from approximately5,500 broadband users during a 28 day period. Results show that metricssuch as the rate a user's SMTP transactions and the number of distinct e-mailservers contacted may be used to stop, at their source and without examiningthe content of the messages, the transmission of unwanted e-mail.

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