Caracterização da Mobilidade Veicular e o seu Impacto nas Redes Veiculares Tolerantes a Atrasos e Desconexões

Carlos A. V. CamposLuís F. M. de MoraesRodrigo F. Silva

In this paper, we present an evaluation of vehicular mobility tracesacquired from GPS device, in order to characterize the movement of buses inthe public transport system. Statistical data were extracted from the followingcomponents: velocity, acceleration, angle of direction change and pause time.From the obtained data, we found out Weibull distributions which showed agood fit to both velocity and angle of direction change components. Moreover,Normal and Lognormal distributions were found to represent, respectively, accelerationand pause time components. Lastly, we used the vehicular mobilitytraces to carry out a performance evaluation of routing protocols proposed fordelay tolerant vehicular networks.

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