BeeFS: Um Sistema de Arquivos Distribuído POSIX Barato e Eficiente para Redes Locais

Carla A. SouzaAna Clara LacerdaJonhnny W. SilvaThiago Emmanuel PereiraAlexandro SoaresFrancisco Brasileiro

BeeFS is a distributed file system that harnesses the free disk space ofmachines already deployed in the LAN. Like some special-purpose rack-awarefile systems, it uses a hybrid architecture that follows a client-server approachfor serving metadata and manage file replicas, and a peer-to-peer one for servingdata. This characteristic allows BeeFS to aggregate the spare space of desktopdisks to build a single logical volume on top of which a general purpose fullyPOSIX-compliant file system is implemented. BeeFS is not only more efficientthan the state-of-practice that uses a dedicated server approach (eg. NFS), butalso cheaper and naturally scalable.

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