APRP-Group: Roteamento para Redes DTN com Repasse baseado em Agrupamento de Nodos por Potencial de Entrega

Cristina M. NunesFernando Luís DottiJoão Batista S. de Oliveira

In this paper we propose APRP-Group, a new routing protocol forDelay Tolerant Networks (DTN) based in the number of meetings with othernodes over a time interval (named delivery potential). This protocol, an improvementof APRP and APRP-Ack, identifies clusters of nodes with similarpotential, and considers the cluster potential in the forwarding decision. Incomparison to Spray and Wait, APRP-Group presents, in sparse networks, reducingthe overhead (up to 20 %) and increasing in delivery rate (up to 9 %) atthe price of an increase in delivery delay (up to 22 %).

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