Análise de Estratégias de Computação Verde em Grades Computacionais Oportunistas

Lesandro PoncianoJaindson SantanaMarcus CarvalhoMatheus GaudencioFrancisco Brasileiro

Nowadays, opportunistic grids are getting more and more popular.The energy efficiency of those grids is also an increasing concern. This paperevaluates two green computing strategies to reduce energy consumption in opportunisticgrid resources, namely: standby and hibernate. Both techniques areused when a resource is idle, i.e., available to the grid, but there is no work to beprocessed. We simulate an opportunistic grid that uses both strategies and alsoa scenario without a green computing strategy. As expected, both techniques increasedthe response time (makespan) of the jobs executed, but improved energysavings when compared with the scenario that does not use a green computingstrategy. However, the standby approach resulted in greater savings and in asmaller impact on the application makespan, being a better strategy to be usedin such grids.

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