Alocação de Comprimento de Onda em Redes Ópticas Considerando as Degradações de Camada Física

José MaranhãoAndré SoaresHélio Waldman

Several studies on the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA)problem have already incorporated the physical layer impairments in order tofind the appropriate resources for establishing the lightpath. This approachhas become known in the literature as impairment aware RWA (IA-RWA).Although it is a more realistic approach compared to the RWA, theconventional IA-RWA approach usually neglects the degradation caused bythe establishment of a new lightpath in the others already established in thenetwork. In this paper we adopted an IA-RWA approach that takes intoaccount these degradations. From the perspective of this new approach, weconducted a performance evaluation study comparing some wavelengthassignment algorithms known in the literature and a new algorithm proposedin this paper. Simulation results show that our algorithm outperforms allothers evaluated.

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