Algoritmo para Roteamento e Agregação de Tráfego em Redes Ópticas Inter-Domínio

Renato T. R. da SilvaAndré C. DrummondNelson L. S. da FonsecaAdmela Jukan

In WDM optical networks low speed traffic flows can be multiplexedinto optical channels called lightpaths, this approach is known as traffic groomingand it aims to better utilize the network resources. In multi-domain scenarioson which each flow can traverse several domains, the network groomingcapability is of high impact on the network performance. In such scenario thelightpath setup time can be very large, what would impact significantly the efficiencyof the services provided. This paper presents a novel multi-domain trafficgrooming algorithm that is capable of providing small setup times by applyinga reduced number of messages to perform routing.

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