Algoritmo para a Provisão de Confiabilidade Diferenciada em Redes Ópticas Sensíveis às Limitações da Camada Física

Sávio R. A. dos S. RosaAndré C. DrummondNelson L. S. da Fonseca

Traditional protection schemes guarantees 100% reliability in case ofsingle link failure while differentiated reliability provides a granular protectionscheme. Moreover, if the signal quality in a path is below acceptable values, apath cannot be used by incoming requests for lighpath establishment. Therefore,the signal quality needs to be checked by the routing and wavelength assignmentalgorithm (RWA). This paper investigates the provisioning of shared path protectionwith differentiated reliability scheme under Polarized Mode Dispersion(PMD), Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) and crosstalk impairments. Theefficacy of the algorithm proposed is compared to that of its impairment unawarecounterpart.

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