A Queue Management Mechanism for Improving TCP fairness in Wireless Access Networks

Pedro Henrique GomesDzmitry KliazovichFabrizio GranelliNelson L. S. da Fonseca

Due to the contention nature of Wi-Fi medium access control,several fairness issues exist. Moreover, the Access Point (AP) buffer spaceplays an important role in the provisioning of fairness to the flows. This paperpresents a novel queue management technique designed to ameliorate fairnessproblems in Wi-Fi last mile networks. The proposed mechanism allocates theAP buffer space based on information available at the mobile nodes and sentto AP via link layer acknowledgement frames. The proposed mechanism istransparent to higher layers as well to the wired part of the network.Performance results show that the novel mechanism leads to considerableimprovement when compared to traditional drop-tail queue management.

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