Estrutura Ontológica e Unidades Lexicais: uma aplicação computacional no domínio da Ecologia

Claudia ZavagliaLeandro Henrique Mendonça de OliveiraMaria das Graças Volpe NunesSandra Maria Aluísio

Ontologies are used for representing information units that contain related semantic understanding of varied real world situations. For systematizing the set of terminological data from a domain, the use of computational tools for term extraction is essential. This work presents the evaluation of statistical, linguistic and hybrid approaches to automatic term extraction for ontology construction. The evaluation was carried out with a reference list of terms from Ecology domain, using precision and recall metrics. The OntoEco ontology predicts three Ecology subdomains: ecosystems, populations and communities. For extracting the ontological lexical units, an Ecology corpus was built - the CórpusEco. After delineating the ontology in classes, subclasses and instances, the data were stored in the tool Protégé-2000.

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