XTC: Um Controlador de Vazão para Roteadores Virtuais Baseados em Xen

Rodrigo S. CoutoMiguel Elias M. CampistaLuís Henrique M. K. Costa

Xen is a tool for hardware virtualization often used to build virtualrouters. This tool, however, does not assure the fundamental requirement of isolationamong these routers. This work proposes XTC (Xen Throughput Control)to fill this gap, and therefore, to guarantee multiple network coexistence withoutinterference. XTC sets the amount of CPU allocated to each virtual routeraccording to the maximum throughput allowed. The Xen behavior is modeledby using experimental data, and based on these data, XTC is designed usingfeedback control. Results obtained in a testbed demonstrate the XTC capacityto isolate and to adapt to dynamic system changes.

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