Uso do Modelo E para Monitoramento de Qualidade de Voz em Tempo Real

André A. D. P. SouzaPaulo H. de A. Rodrigues

The E-Model was designed as a quality tool for use during the planningphase of a telephony architecture. However, it has been used as a qualitymeasuring tool for VoIP, despite the fact it has never been tested for such usage.In order to certify the model accuracy in real time scenarios, the E-Model and itsextension, the Extended E-Model, were tested for compliance to recommendationITU-T P.564, which compares the performance of objective quality modelswith PESQ. Compliance tests were performed using the G.711 ?-law and GSM,different ptime values and both with and without the use of VAD and PLC. Theresults proved the superiority of the Extended E-Model to the original model,showed that the models are more accurate when used with GSM and indicatedthat the E-Model was calibrated using a ptime of 20ms.

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