Uma Arquitetura Orientada a Componentes para o Ginga

Marcio Ferreira MorenoLuiz Fernando Gomes SoaresRenato Cerqueira

This paper discusses how component-based software development can beapplied on the design of digital TV declarative middleware architectures. The paperdescribes how this approach was considered in the design of the declarativeenvironment of Ginga, the ITU-R Recommendation for terrestrial DTV and ITU-TRecommendation for IPTV. As proof of concept, the solutions discussed in this paperhave been incorporated into the reference implementation of the Ginga-NCLenvironment. The measures presented in this paper illustrate the benefitscomponent-based architecture can bring to digital TV middleware systems, such asthe reduction in the amount of used resources and the improvement in its dynamicevolution capabilities.

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