Uma Análise do Overhead dos Mapas em Redes Metropolitanas Sem Fio Baseadas em OFDMA

Cristiano Bonato BothRafael KunstLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleJuergen Rochol

The main techniques applied to provide quality of service guaranteesin metropolitan area networks are OFDMA and MCS. OFDMA organizes theinformation within a bidimensional frame considering the time and frequencydomains while MCS defines the level of robustness of a transmission. The localizationof the data within the frame are defined in map messages transmitted ineach frame. Thus, the main contribution this paper is to present a deep analysisof the overhead generated by these map messages. This analysis presentsthe behavior of the network in several scenarios that consider variations in theamount of data transmitted and in the quantity of mobile stations. Furthermore,we consider the variability of the wireless channel.

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