Um Modelo para Composição de Métricas de Desempenho de Redes

Raphael A. DouradoLeobino N. SampaioJosé A. S. MonteiroPaulo R. F. Cunha

Despite the advances achieved by service oriented architecturesadoption, data originated from measurements is still used in isolated manner. Inmultidomain network scenarios, performance information needs to be processedand related in such way to present more relevant results, through a metric compositionprocess. Based on recent IETF's discussions, this paper describes ageneric model capable of representing the metric composition process with software.Following this model, a library was built. It can be integrated to diversevisualization and monitoring applications. Test made in the ESNet and G´eantnetworks demonstrated the effectiveness of the model, the library, and the IETFstandardization.

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