Um Mecanismo de Exclusão Acurado baseado em Confiança para Controle de Acesso em Redes Ad Hoc

Lyno Henrique G. FerrazNatalia C. FernandesPedro B. VellosoOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

Mobile ad hoc networks are based on the cooperation between nodes.These networks are prone to frequent network partitions due to the fading channels,mobile nodes, and frequent membership changes. Hence, to ensure securityand fairness, ad hoc networks depend on distributed and robust access controlmechanism. In this paper, we propose a distributed access control mechanismbased on a trust model to exclude non-cooperative nodes. Thereby, all nodesparticipate in the network control and play multiple roles, monitoring the nodes,voting to punish non-cooperative nodes. Our mechanism accurately identifiesnon-cooperative nodes in different density scenarios and even in partition likelyscenarios. The combination of voting and trust mechanisms guarantees goodclassification in spite of low and imprecise neighbor action detection. Simulationresults show that mechanism excludes nodes up to 99.5% of efficiency and1.4% of false positives.

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