Sobre a Amplitude da Elasticidade dos Provedores Atuais de Computação na Nuvem

Rostand CostaFrancisco BrasileiroGuido LemosDênio Mariz

The cloud computing paradigm allows the provision of InformationTechnology infrastructure in the form of a service that clients acquireon-demand and paying only for the amount of service that they actually consume.Many embarrassingly parallel applications could potentially achieve anenormous benefit from the elasticity offered by cloud computing providers. Theexecution time of these applications is inversely proportional to the amount ofcomputing resources available to process them. Unfortunately, current publiccloud computing providers do impose strict limits on the amount of resourcesthat a single user can simultaneously acquire. In this paper we analyze thereasons why traditional providers need to impose such a limit. We show thatincreases on the limit imposed have a severe impact on the profit achieved bythe providers. This leads to the conclusion that new approaches to deploy cloudcomputing services are required to properly serve embarrassingly parallelapplications.

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