Sistema de Monitoramento Subaquático Usando Navios de Suporte Logístico em uma Rede de Sensores Acústicos Tolerante a Atrasos e Interrupções

Fabrício Jorge L. RibeiroAloysio C. P. PedrozaLuís Henrique M. K. Costa

This paper proposes an underwater monitoring system built withsensors distributed over the subsea pipelines responsible for transportation ofoil production. Data transmission is undertaken by underwater acousticmodems installed on the sensors and vessels used for logistical support of oilexploration. However, the vessels may not be within sensor range all the time,requiring the use of DTN (Delay/Disruption e Tolerant Network). This workinvestigates the routing protocols Prophet and Epidemic, analyzing the systembehavior in the ONE (Opportunistic Network Environment) simulator andscenarios vessels traffic in the Brazilian offshore oil exploration area.

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