SIMP2P: Uma estratégia P2P de distribuição de texturas em Mundos Virtuais 3D

Marcelo SantosCarlos Kamienski

Social Virtual Worlds allow users to dynamically create contentsuch as customized images and offer a high degree of immersion with sharedreal time environments. However, some problems adversely affect theirperformance such as a limitation in the number of simultaneous users and thecomplexity of the shared environment, which impose a higher burden onnetwork traffic and hardware resources of servers, thus making the server abottleneck of the system. Here we propose and analyze the performance of aP2P architecture for virtual worlds using the OpenSim open source server forsharing textures among clients. Compared with the client/server approach,SimP2P significantly reduces the traffic sent by the server as well as theaverage download time for textures for the clients.

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