RouteFlow: Roteamento Commodity Sobre Redes Programáveis

Marcelo R. NascimentoChristian E. RothenbergRodrigo R. DenicolMarcos R. SalvadorMaurício F. Magalhães

Today's networking gear follows the model of computer mainframes,where closed source software runs on proprietary hardware. This approach results in expensive solutions and prevents equipment owners to put new ideas intopractice. In contrast, recent alternatives of highly flexible software-based routers promise low cost and programmability at the expense of low performance.Motivated by the availability of an open API to control packet forwarding engines (i.e., OpenFlow), we propose RouteFlow, a commodity IP routing architecture that combines the line-rate performance of commercial hardware with theflexibility of open source routing stacks (remotely) running on general-purposecomputers. The challenge is to ensure reliability, scalability and performanceto a network running a remote and centralized control plane architecture thatallows a flexible mapping between the control and forwarding elements. Theoutcome is a novel point in the design space of cost-effective IP routing solutions with far-reaching implications. The initial experimental evaluation of ourprototype implementation validates the feasibility of the design.

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