Roteamento, Atribuição e Adaptação Conjunta de Largura de Canais em Redes em Malha sem Fio IEEE 802.11

Celso Barbosa CarvalhoJosé Ferreira de Rezende

Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have become increasingly importantdue to its use as a network backbone or access to last mile users. In thiscontext, increase the capacity of WMNs is a necessary topic. A large number ofresearches in this area consider the use of joint routing and channel assignmentin order to increase the capacity in these networks. Recent studies show thatthe throughput performance of WMNs can be improved with the use of transmissionchannels of different widths. In this paper we extend a Linear Programming(LP) model and we consider joint routing, channel assignment and channelwidth adaptation in order to increase the capacity of WMNs. The results showan improvement of the capacity in networks that use the investigated approach.

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