Provendo Isolamento e Qualidade de Serviço em Redes Virtuais

Natalia Castro FernandesOtto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte

Network virtualization is a new technology that enables resource sharingin the network infrastructure. Providing quality of service (QoS) and isolationfor virtual networks, however, is a challenge. In this work, we proposea system to isolate, provide QoS, and manage virtual networks based on theXen virtualization platform. The main module of the proposal is the physicalresource controller, which isolates virtual networks and offers different parametersto describe the service level agreements of each virtual network. Furthermore,the proposed control and management system provides two levels of QoScontrol, one for the virtual network operator and the other for the infrastructureprovider. We developed a prototype whose results indicate that the new mechanismensures compliance with contracted agreements and also is more efficientin the use of physical resources when compared to other proposals.

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