Otimização Bicritério de Recursos para Redes Sem Fio de Acesso e Rádio sobre Fibra

Pedro Henrique GomesNelson L. S. da FonsecaOmar C. Branquinho

This article proposes a radio resource optimization model for mobilewireless networks based on Radio over Fiber (RoF) technology. The optimizationmodel is an integer programming one and adopts a bicriteria objectivefunction. The proposed network architecture is composed of cells in a hierarchicalfashion with several layers of antennas; in each layer cells have differentradii of coverage to allow the composition of infrastructure dynamically. Theoptimization algorithm performs a dynamic process of cell spliting to improvenetwork capacity in congested areas and cell merging in areas with low demandto save resources. To apply the model proposed for mobile and dynamicnetworks it is presented an algorithm based on linear relaxation technique forthe rapid computation of suboptimal results. Results obtained can be used asguidelines for planning the infrastructure of wireless networks based on RoFtechnology.

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