Novas Políticas de Invocação Paralela para Seleção Dinâmica de Servidores Replicados

Wesley E. Q. de SousaNabor C. Mendonça

Geographically replicated servers are commonly used in the internetto offer greater performance, reliability and scalability to client applications.In this context, there is the problem of how to select the replicated server thatwill best serve the request of a giving client application. This paper proposesthree novel replicated server selection policies, namely First Connection, FirstRead and Best Partial. The three policies are based on the parallel invocationprinciple, in which all replicated servers are invoked in parallel, with the differencethat all connections established with each server are now dynamicallymonitored, with slower connections being gradually killed until there is onlyone connection alive. Empirical results, obtained from the invocation of realservers replicated over several countries, show that the proposed policies performmuch better than the classical parallel invocation policy, and relativelyclose to the selection of the best server previously identified for each scenarioevaluated.

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