Modelo de Alocação de Banda com Compartilhamento Oportunista entre Classes de Tráfego e Aplicações em Redes Multiserviço

Rafael Freitas RealeWalter da C. P. NetoJoberto S. B. Martins

Bandwidth allocation models are important tools towards anefficient allocation of resources in networks. In DS-TE networks context thereare allocation models which fundamentally respect constraints and preservepriorities among defined Traffic Classes (CTs). This paper proposes a newbandwidth allocation model called "AllocCT-sharing" which is integratedwith CSPF routing protocol. In AllocCT-sharing, CTs hierarchically superiormay, opportunistically, make use of bandwidth not used by lower prioritiesCTs and applications. AllocCT-sharing model preserves all service levelagreements (SLAs) involved and, beyond that, attempts to improve the overallusability of link resources available in specific traffic distribution scenarios.

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