Modelagem da Probabilidade de Sucesso no Envio de Pacotes Codificados Aplicada a Roteamento Ciente de Codificação para Redes Sem Fio de Múltiplos Saltos

Diego PassosCélio V. N. Albuquerque

This paper analyzes the process of sending a coded packet in the wirelessmedium. Understanding this basic Network Coding operation is fundamentalfor the recent work on Coding-aware Routing. The literature on this subjecthas relied on strong assumptions to simplify the models for evaluating routes. Inthis paper we present arguments and experimental results that show that someassumptions are not valid in most cases. Based on these results, a more suitablemodel is proposed. The paper also discusses an alternative method for sendingcoded packets, different from the methods used in previous work in the area.Experiments show that this new method outperforms the previous proposals.

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