Integrating Servers and Networking using an XOR-based Flat Routing Mechanism in 3-cube Server-centric Data Centers

Rafael PasquiniFábio L. VerdiMaurício F. Magalhães

This paper introduces the use of an XOR-based flat routing mechanismfor server-centric data centers (DCs) organized in 3-cube topologies. Essentially,the networking DC architectures available in the literature create ablack box network unaware about the servers, increasing the complexity to deployservices inside DCs. The main reason for this black box is the lack of scalabilitywhen the servers are inserted in the forwarding tables of the switches.The server-centric 3-cube topology used in this work directly connects servers,removing the need for switches and/or routers in order to forward traffic insidethe DC, approximating the servers to the networking infrastructure. The proposedXOR-based flat routing mechanism introduces a new semantic for routing,where a small information about the entire network allows traffic forwardingacross the DC, providing the required scalability for inserting the servers inthe routing tables. This paper presents the proposed 3-cube server-centric DCnetworking architecture, the XOR-based flat routing mechanism, and evaluationsdemonstrating the achieved scalability in terms of signaling, routing tableentries, stretch and load distribution.

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