Identificação Interativa da Causa Raiz de Problemas em Execuções de Mudanças de TI

Ricardo Luis dos SantosJuliano Araújo WickboldtRoben Castagna LunardiBruno Lopes DalmazoLisandro Zambenedetti GranvilleLuciano Paschoal Gaspary

The reuse of knowledge acquired by operators to diagnose failures inInformation Technology (IT) infrastructures has potential to improve the processof root cause identification of recurring failures, minimizing potential losses andmaintenance costs. Nevertheless, in existing solutions the diagnostic process isperformed in an ad hoc and static fashion, which hampers the reuse of knowledgein recurring and similar failures. In previous work, we have proposeda solution to identify the root cause of reccuring problems in IT change management,adaptable to the current state of target infrastructure. In this paper weextend our previous this solution, improving the root cause identification process.Experiments carried out considering recurring failures provide evidenceabout the improvements in new version of solution compared to the previousresults.

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