Control of Mobile Robots Through Wireless Sensor Networks

Ricardo S. SouzaLucio AgostinhoFábio TeixeiraDiego RodriguesLeonardo OliviEliane G. GuimarãesEleri Cardozo

A trend in today's mobile robotics is to perform the control of mobilerobots in a distributed fashion. This control scheme requires a wireless communicationnetwork connecting the robot to the other existing devices in the environment.WiFi and Bluetooth are examples of such networks. Ad-hoc networkssuch as wireless sensor networks (WSN) can be deployed instantly and offer awide coverage by employing a large number of communicating nodes. In additionto provide a communication link to the robots, a WSN can aid the robot'snavigation, localization, and also enhance its sensory capabilities. This paperpresents a network architecture for supporting the control and communicationof mobile robots through WSNs.

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