Contornos Irregulares no Processamento de Requisições Espaciais para Redes de Sensores Sem Fio

Rone Ilídio da SilvaDaniel Fernandes MacedoJosé Marcos Silva Nogueira

The recent evolution in sensor node location technology has spurredthe development of a special type of in-network processing for Wireless SensorNetwork (WSN), called spatial query processing. These queries requiredata from nodes within a region (called region of interest) defined by the users.The state of the art of spatial query processing consider only regions of interesthaving rectangular or circular shapes. This work proposes an energy efficientitinerary based in-network spatial query processing mechanism and a strategyto reduce the energy consumption of overhearing during query processing. Theproposals were developed to process queries within irregular regions of interest,which can represent real objects on maps. The simulations show that the proposedmechanism presents energy consumption substantially smaller than oneof the mechanisms found in the literature (about 80%) and also show that thestrategy to avoid overhearing saves substantial energy during the query processing.

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