Avaliação de parâmetros do SCTP para transporte de tráfego VoIP em cenários com perdas

Rudolfo A. E. RüncosEduardo P. Ribeiro

In multi-homed systems, an optimized use of the available paths canlead to resilience and quality gain for multimedia services. SCTP (Stream ControlTransmission Protocol) is a transport protocol that allows multi-homed connections.Its default parameters are not best configured for real time traffic.This work focus on two parameters which strongly influence SCTP's behaviour:PMR (Path.Max.Retrans) and RTOmax (Retransmission TimeOut superiorlimit). Both are tested for multiple values through simulations of multi-homedhosts with background traffic and bursty losses. The impact of the delay-centricpath selection algrithm is also evaluated on simulated scenarios. Results indicatethat for VoIP calls transport, low values are recomended for PMR and forRTOmax.

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