Aumento do Reuso Espacial em Redes Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11 com o uso de Enlaces Independentes

Alexandre Andrade PiresJosé Ferreira de Rezende

This paper presents an efficient mechanism to increase the capacityof 802.11 ad hoc networks, by adjusting, in a decentralized fashion, terminals'transmit power Pt and carrier sensing threshold CSth. The basis of the proposedheuristic is to maximize the number of independent links, defined as thosein which the mutual interference generated can be tolerated by the devices involved,avoiding collision between frames. The solution presented is comparedby simulation with a recent proposal, presenting an improvement in aggregatethroughput of about 30%, to a large number of random topologies. It is alsoperformed a comparison with the optimal solution to the problem proposed, obtainedwith global knowledge for different scenarios. In this case, we tested allpossible combinations of settings, to determine that which maximizes the numberof independent links. The results indicate that the heuristics developed arecapable of producing configurations of Pt and CSth that result in a performancequite close to that obtained with the ideal solution.

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