Análise do Impacto de Migração de Máquinas Virtuais em Ambiente Computacional Virtualizado

Deborah V. MagalhãesJosé Marques SoaresDanielo G. Gomes

Virtual machines migration has been widely applied in datacenterenvironments due to various benefits including load balancing, fault toleranceand energy saving. However, the migration process causes degradation on theservices provided by the virtual machines. In this paper, we present an impactevaluation of two virtual machines migration approaches that have beenwidely cited in the literature: stop-and-copy and pre-copy. We present anindoor experimental testbed for evaluating these two approaches through fourperformance metrics: total migration time, downtime, response time andthroughput. Experimental results show that (i) the stop-and-copy downtime isat least 5 times higher than the pre-copy one, (ii) the total migration time ofpre-copy was higher than stop-and-copy for all workloads, (iii) the pre-copystrategy increases the applications response time, while the use of stop-andcopyled to services downtime.

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