Algoritmo Quantizado de Rastreamento em Redes de Sensores Sem Fio

Éfren L. SouzaAndré N. CamposEduardo F. Nakamura

Target tracking is an important application of sensor networks, particularlyinteresting in applications for Ecology, related to monitoring and trackingof animals. In this context, understanding the movement pattern and theterritorial occupation of animals are fundamental for understanding their habits.In practice, target tracking is often discretized in occupied areas. In thiswork, we propose and evaluate a quantized target tracking approach in such away that the network is organized in a grid, where each cell is a region occupiedby the target (animal). The cell size is determined according to the desired granularity.The computation of the target's position obeys a voting scheme, so thetechnique is simple and low cost. To estimate the target's position, we use theKalman or Particle filters. Results show that position computation errors areclose to two cells, depending on the scenario.

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