A Hybrid Prediction and Assessment Quality of Experience Approach for Videostreaming Applications over Wireless Mesh Networks

André F. RikerElisangela S. AguiarDiogo C. B. CardosoPatrícia A. de OliveiraEduardo CerqueiraAntônio J. G. Abelém

As Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have been increasinglydeployed, the need of new quality measurement schemes became essentialsince operators want to control and optimize their network resources, whilekeeping users of multimedia applications with a good quality level. However,currently WMN in-service assessment schemes fails in capturing subjectiveaspects of real-time multimedia content related to the user perception.Therefore, this paper proposes a new on-the-fly quality estimator approach,called Hybrid Quality of Experience (HyQoE) Prediction, for real-timevideostreaming applications. Moreover, performance evaluation resultspresent the benefits and accuracy of HyQoE in predicting the user perceptioncompared to well-know subjective and objective methods in a WMN scenario.

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