Um Modelo Híbrido MLP-SVM para Reconhecimento de Caracteres Manuscritos Cursivos

Washington W. AzevedoCleber Zanchettin

This paper presents a hybrid MLP-SVM method for cursive characters recognition. Specialized Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are introduced to significantly improve the performance of Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) in the local areas around the surfaces of separation between each pair of characters in the space of input patterns. This hybrid architecture is based on the observation that when using MLPs in the task of handwritten characters recognition, the correct class is almost always one of the two maximum outputs of the MLP. The second observation is that most of the errors consist of pairs of classes in which the characters have similarities (e.g. (U, V), (m, n), (O, Q), among others). Specialized local SVMs are introduced to detect the correct class among these two classification hypotheses. The hybrid MLP-SVM recognizer showed improvement, significant, in performance in terms of recognition rate compared with an MLP for a task of character recognition.

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