Disseminacão Bio-Inspirada de Eventos em Redes Dinâmicas e Descentralizadas

Adam S. BanziAurora T. R. PozoElias P. Duarte Jr.

This work presents a strategy based on swarm intelligence for spre- ading events in dynamic and decentralized networks. An event is defined as a state transition of a node or link. By means of ants, which correspond to mobile agents, information is spread throughout the network. A node which detects an event in its neighborhood starts disseminating the new information. Pheromo- nes are used to both control the ant population and help define the paths that the agents take. An empirical study was performed, in which the proposed strategy was compared with flooding and gossip algorithms. Results obtained show that the proposed strategy presents a good trade-off between the time required to disseminate information and the overhead in terms of the number of messages.

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