EFuNN Ensembles Construction Using CONE with Multi-objective GA

Fernanda L MinkuTeresa B Ludermir

This paper presents the experiments which where made with the Clustering and Coevolution to Construct Neural Network Ensemble (CONE) approach on four classification benchmark databases. This approach was used to create a particular type of Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network (EFuNN) ensemble and optimize its parameters using a Coevolutionary Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm. The results of the experiments reinforce some previous results which have shown that the approach is able to generate EFuNN ensembles with accuracy either better or equal to the accuracy of single EFuNNs generated without using coevolution. Besides, the execution time of CONE to generate EFuNN ensembles is lower than the execution time to produce single EFuNNs without coevolution.

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