Concolic Testing of the Multi-sector Read Operation for Flash Memory File System

Moonzoo KimYunho Kim

In today's information society, flash memory has become a virtually indispensable component, particularly for mobile devices. In order for mobile devices to operate successfully, it is essential that flash memory be controlled correctly through file system software. However, as is typical for embedded software, conventional testing methods often fail to detect hidden flaws in the software due to the difficulty of creating effective test cases. As a different approach, model checking techniques guarantee a complete analysis, but only on a limited scale.In this paper, we describe an empirical study wherein a concolic testing method is applied to the multi-sector read operation for a flash memory. This method combines a symbolic static analysis and a concrete dynamic analysis to automatically generate test cases and perform exhaustive path testing accordingly. In addition, we analyze the advantages and weaknesses of the concolic testing approach on the domain of the flash file system compared to model checking techniques.

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