Clonal Selection Algorithm with Oppositional Approach Applied to Trajectory Planning of a Robotic Manipulator

Jeronymo, D.C.Borges, Y.C.C.dos S Coelho, L.

A complex optimization problem in robotics is the optimum movement between certain physical configurations while minimizing certain criteria. The fundamental objective in movement planning for robot arms is to minimize movement time, total distance, joint torque, avoiding obstacles and the robot arm itself as an obstacle. This paper presents a study on clonal selection algorithm (CSA) and CSA with oppositional approach to optimize the 2D point to point movement of a 3-links robot arm. Simulations with MATLAB of the problem were implemented with both techniques to minimize an objective function depending on the mentioned criteria. Results of both methods are presented, showing that the CSA with oppositional approach presented better results than the classical CSA in terms of convergence and response quality.

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