Biogeography-Based Optimization Combined with Predator-Prey Approach Applied to Economic Load Dispatch

de Athayde Costa e Silva, M.dos Santos Coelho, L.

Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) problems are nonlinear constrained problems which occupy an important role in the economic operation of power system. Recently, as an alternative to the conventional mathematical approaches, evolutionary algorithms have been given much attention by researchers due to their ability to find good solutions in ELD problems. In this paper, a biogeography based-optimization approach is validated. Biogeography is the study of the geographical distribution of biological organisms. Furthermore, a new approach of the biogeography based-optimization methodology combined with predator-prey approach were proposed and validated for two test systems consisting of 15 and 20 generation units (thermal generators), respectively. Simulation results are compared with those of other studies reported in the literature.

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