Um Mecanismo de Proteção de Quadros de Controle para Redes IEEE 802.11

Marcos A. C. Corrêa JúniorPaulo André da S. Gonçalves

Only control frames of all the frame types defined by IEEE 802.11 stardard are not yet protected by any kind of security mechanism. This makes it easier for malicious entities to exploit them in order to carry out deny-of-service attacks on the network. Techniques to forge or tamper control frames as well as techniques to reinject them into the network are typically used under such attacks. This paper proposes a mechanism for protecting IEEE 802.11 control frames against such attacks. The proposed mechanism protects all the control frames by using sequence numbers and Message Authentication Codes. Compared to similar studies that aim to protect all the control frames, the proposed mechanism has reduced overhead and provides increased security.

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