Um esquema bio-inspirado para a tolerância à má-conduta em sistemas de quórum para MANETs

Elisa MannesMichele NogueiraAldri Santos

Network operation services in MANETs, such as resource location, deal with node mobility and lack of resources to support applications. The reliability and availability of these services can be assured by replication techniques, such as quorum systems. However, these systems are vulnerable to selfish and malicious nodes, that either intentionally do not collaborate with replicationoperations or spread malicious data while participating in data replication. In order to handle these issues, this paper proposes QS2, a bio-inspired scheme to tolerate selfish and malicious nodes in replication operation of quorum systems. Differently from existing works on the literature, QS2 is distributed and self-organized, and nodes are independent to exclude misbehaving nodes. It is inspired in quorum sensing and kin selection, both biological mechanisms resident in bacteria. Simulation results show that QS2 increases 87% the reliability of a quorum system for MANETs, detecting more than 80% of misbehaving nodes participating in replication operations.

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