Rumo à Caracterização de Disseminação Ilegal de Filmes em Redes BitTorrent

Adler Hoff SchmidtMarinho Pilla BarcellosLuciano Paschoal Gaspary

Content sharing through BitTorrent (BT) networks accounts nowadays for a considerable fraction of the Internet traffic. Recent monitoring reports revealed that the contents being shared are mostly illegal and that movie is the most popular media type. Research efforts carried out to understand content production and sharing dynamics in BT networks do not provide preciseinformation in respect to the behavior behind illegal film dissemination, being this the main objective and contribution of this paper. To perform such analysis, we monitored during 30 days all film torrent files published on the main BT public community. Furthermore, we joined the respective swarms, without downloading content, in order to obtain additional information regarding illegal sharing. As result, we present, characterize and discuss who produces and who publishes torrents of copyright-infringing files, what is produced and who acts as first provider of the contents.

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