POLVO-IIDS: Um Sistema de Detecção de Intrusão Inteligente Baseado em Anomalias

Paulo M. MafraJoni S. FragaVinícius MollAltair O. Santin

The intrusion detection systems (IDS) identify attacks and threats to computer systems. Additionally, the IDSs can perform other functions like in- trusion prevention (IPS), including proactive functions. A recurrent problem in intrusion detection systems is the difficulty to identify legitimate access from at- tacks. A lot of conventional systems are signature based, although they do not identify variations of these attacks nor new attacks.This paper presents an intrusion detection system model based on the behavior of network traffic through the analysis and classification of messages. Two artifi- cial intelligence techniques named support vector machine (SVM) and Kohonen neural network (KNN) are applied to detect anomalies. These techniques are used in sequence to improve the system accuracy, identifying known attacks and new attacks, in real time.

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