Uma Proposta de Marcação de Pacotes para Rastreamento Robusto a Ataques

Marcelo D. D. MoreiraRafael P. LauferPedro VellosoOtto Carlos M. B. Duarte

This paper proposes a new packet marking structure robust to attacks to distributed applications such as IP traceback. The structure is based on the Bloom Filter, which allows space-efficient representation of a set. The goal of the so-called Concatenated Bloom Filter (CBF) is to provide robustness to attacker interference, allowing secure transmission of information in an insecure medium. The key idea is to concatenate a set of subfilters, each of them admitting the insertion of only one element. Analytical results show the efficacy of the CBF and that the attacker success probability decreases exponentially with the increasing of subfilter size. Any other proposal with such robustness and without the limitation of legitimate information loss was not found in the literature.

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