Um Modelo Pragmático de Separação de Responsabilidades para o Controle de Acesso Baseado em Papéis

Bruno C. B. FigueiredoGustavo H. M. B. Motta

The separation of duties (SD) is a security principle accepted in the appliance of policies for reduction of conflict of interests. This work proposes a pragmatic model of SD (Pragma SD) for the role based access control model (RBAC), which concerns about actual situations on the regular work of companies. In Pragma SD, the association between roles and users and the role hierarchy are orthogonal to the SD policies. So, the SD doesn't affect the administration of the relations between users, roles and permissions, like is noted in the SD of the RBAC model. By this way, a user can have roles where there are conflicts of interests, just being prohibited to execute the tasks where the conflicts exist.

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